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Game Background Information

The world is overrun by a force far greater then yourself, magic. It's everywhere, you begin to study it, understand it as it ebbs through every inch of your body. The mystical creatures lurking at the ends of the Earth begin to broaden their horizon. Night time arrives, and with it an evil like you have never seen before… How will you survive?

Journey into a procedurally generated 2D pixel driven world with nothing but your own two hands, a drive to endure and a natural gift for the mystical arts. Using your basic instincts and the guidance of your in-game Compendium, it is up to you to unravel the endless secrets of the Arcane.

What is this Scenic Demo for?

This scenic demo is to showcase the environment we are implementing into the game. Once Arcane has reached a point in development, we will be releasing another demo which will have improved environments and more mechanics for the player and AI.

Controls in Demo

Left - A
Right - D
Sprint - Shift

Built using Unreal Engine

As of right now, we are hosting a Kickstarter here!

More information will come soon!

More information

Published14 days ago
AuthorTidal Games
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Action RPG, Fantasy, Side Scroller, unreal-engine
Average durationAbout an hour


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